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Prince Charming

I have just heard the news about Prince Harry’s remarks whilst at an airport waiting to fly out to Afghanistan. Although this was an offensive remark, does it really warrant the level of press coverage it has received? Even David Cameron thought it worth commenting upon. I think we are forgetting that this remark was made three years ago! It was also the first news item on ITV news even before the Israel/Palestine conflict.

People forget that he is a young bloke and young people make mistakes. Why is it that we get so upset when Royals don’t act as we think they should? They are looked upon as being set apart, but the fact remains he is no different to the rest of us.

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More is Less

Police maps in Southend have revealed that ‘Robberies are on the rise’ , with 40 per cent more robberies being committed in the area. Police are now targeting the town centre areas in peak times.  But, what I would like to see is simply more bobbies on the beat!

Ask any resident and I am sure they would agree that there need to be more police patrolling our neighbourhoods.  Instead we rely on cheep policing in the form of Special constables.  Statistics show that Southend is a relatively safe town, but it’s not statistics we’re interested in and neither are the people who have been burgled .

The Government are prepared to spend money on ID cards, which arguably won’t bring any more security to our streets.  I would like to see them put this money into our police force, take away the bureaucracy and make their job easier to do.

With our country in a recession we’re likely to see a rise in crime figures including  burglary and bringing more police officers to our neighbourhoods could go some way to stopping crime.

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