Burdett on ‘Cameron on Cameron’

I have just finished reading ‘Cameron on Cameron’ by Dylan Jones editor of the mens GQ Magazine. Dylan Jones is not we are told a ‘Cameron apologist’, or ‘even a real Tory’. Jones spends a year with Cameron and speaks with him every two weeks. I enjoyed the read – I felt like I got to know David Cameron, in a way that I didn’t before. Because Dylan asks specific questions about issues such as ‘Europe’ our prisons, his thoughts on the education system you get to read Cameron’s opinions and hear about what Conservatism means to him.

I particularly like Cameron’s emphasis upon the ‘family’ and the community. I feel that Cameron is striking the right cord. I have been brought up in a secure family unit which has given me the opportunity to achieve and not forgetting the vital support the family unit provides.

It is quite evident that Cameron sees the Conservatives as being social reformers in the same way Thatcher advocated economic reform. This is summed up by Cameron in the following quote.

‘The big picture is explaining to people that real change is not delivered by government on its own, it’s delivered by everyone playing their part in a responsible society. So individuals, families, businesses, everyone playing their part in dealing with the problems we have. Just as Margaret Thatcher mended the broken economy in the 1980s, so we want to mend Britain’s broken society’.


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