Change is Coming

Like many I was glued to the television watching the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of America. This was a turning point in American politics with the election of their first black president. Beyond this however, and the reason I believe he struck such a cord with the electorate, is that he represents change. A change from the tired Bush administration,

Over here, Gordon Brown has lost it, the electorate are no longer listening to him knowing he has no idea of what to do with the economy. He built his reputation as chancellor but even that has been proved to have been totally wrong. The economy was built on debt and the greed of a nation, including the greed of a chancellor who was desperate to be PM. David Cameron represents change as well, this time a change from a very tired Labour administration.

Kevin Bonavia seemed delighted on his blog that Obama “refused to surrender essential human rights in fighting the danger from terrorism”. He goes on to say:

“For those around the world (including a few deluded individuals in this country) who wish to attack our open and free society, the answer is not to take away some of all our basic rights – that only concedes a power to the terrorist that he does not deserve. Instead our defence of human rights should be the example and hope for the many millions who are denied them around the world.”

One wonders who the deluded individuals Kevin is referring to? Perhaps the Prime Minister or Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. It is after all, his own Government who are trying to introduce ID cards. It was also the Labour Government who attempted to bring in legislation to detain individuals for 42 days without trial. It is the Labour Government attacking our open and free society, but hopefully not for much longer, because the winds of change are sweeping in from America.

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