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Letter to the Echo

In recent weeks there seems to have been an increase in the number of fires being started by youths in and around the Woodgrange Estate. It is sad that these youths have no idea of the cost to their community, both financial and otherwise.

Arson in the community can lead to the general depreciation of an area, cause communities to lose pride and respect in their surroundings and contribute to a loss of business and therefore unemployment. There are parts of towns up and down the country where arson and the physical efforts to try and prevent it (by boarding up empty of derelict buildings) can also be visually detrimental to an area. That’s without even considering the potential for human casualties.

The council have made a good start in having some of the parking under the blocks fenced off, but they must push on and ensure all these parking areas are protected. We are also lucky that we have our rubbish collected on a weekly basis as overflowing bins are often targeted by arsonists.

In the words of The Prodigy, these people are nothing but “twisted firestarters” who, unless we do something about it, will kill someone, either as a direct result of their crime or by preventing fire crews attending ‘real’ emergencies. They are damaging the community in which they live and its about time they suffered the consequences of their crimes.

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