Letter to the Echo

In response to Mr. Bonavia on week ending 13th March.  I think he has a cheek to ask whose side the Tories are on! His own party are on the side of Bankers – just ask Sir Fred Goodwin with his multi million pound pension.  The reason why retail outlets are empty in the town is because of this Labour recession of not putting aside money for a rainy day.  Now it’s beginning to rain and we haven’t got a pot to wee in !  We are borrowing money hand over fist to stimulate the economy… who from?…ourselves?…selling our reserves to foreign buyers.
If you really want to be an MP for our town perhaps you should learn to back our highly skilled Chief executive , directors and  lawyers who actually run the civic centre. They will give the highly professional answers that you obviously need ! Quite frankly why are you wasting your time trying to score points in the local paper. You should be asking your colleagues in government to stop wasting money on are range of pointless initiatives that are simply eroding our British values including:

1.  Compensation to prisoners who sue the home office because they don’t have a mattress to sleep on 

2. Bonuses to our nationalised bank executives of Northern Rock when old pensioners have to go to jail because that protest about paying council tax

3. Endorsing dodgy “second homes allowances” to  MPs when they should be asked to make do with a hotel for the night if away from home 

4. Daft laws that allow thugs masquerading as Muslims to insult our soldiers who come home on parade after risking their lives for our British way of life!

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