Foreign Thugs Should Be Deported

I read in a newspaper recently that a migrant from Romania named Ali Majiat raped a woman so that he could be imprisoned in order to learn English in jail. At a time when there is severe overcrowding in prisons, with over 80,000 people in jail, why are we not deporting foreign criminals whose only intention is to wreak havoc on our society? Also, why are we unnecessarily paying thousands of pounds to keep this man fed and watered in our prisons? It is estimated that the average annual cost of each prisoner in the UK exceeds £40,000 so we could do without this additional expenditure, particularly given the current economic climate.


This man should have been deported immediately upon conviction to serve this sentence in his own country. What use are our Judges if they are powerless to organise immediate deportation back to the country where they came from?

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