MP’s Expenses

On Sunday 5th April 2009 we learned that government minister Geoff Hoon has three homes subsidised by tax payers.  I believe it is time to open up a serious debate on reforms that should be made to the way in which members of parliament are paid.  We are in a housing crisis with many people living in overcrowded conditions on the Woodgrange Estate and places like Quantock flats. 


Reducing the number of homes on offer to MPs would symbolise a powerful message that our society truly cares for people on or below the poverty line. I am not disputing that the job they have to do is very important but so are the jobs done by care workers, nurses and factory workers who have to spend a lot of money going to and from work. They are not able to get a penny back from travel expenses.  They take a packed lunch to work and bottle of water in order to make savings.  Many workers even work through their lunch break due to the pressure of work and are lucky to if they are able to claim the lost time back.


 If we decided for 400 MPs to give up their second homes that money could be spent on more nursing care in hospices.

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