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KPF Raising Funds for the Community

The Kursaal Peoples Foundation raised funds last evening for action projects on the Woodgrange Estate.  The successful quiz was held at The Castle Pub, Southend and was well attended by residents and friends of the Kursaal Ward.  It was a fun event enjoyed by all. 
Chair of KPF, Louise Burdett commented: I was delighted by the turnout and it proved that even in these tough economic times people are prepared to give up time and money to support worthy, local causes.  The money raised will help us organise dance and drama classes for under privileged children living in the Kursaal ward.
KPF are looking to hold further such events to fund their projects.  If you are interested in holding an event or getting involved with KPF contact: Chair, Louise Burdett on Louise.burdett@gmail.com

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Residents and KPF join forces to tackle Fly Tipping

Residents of Stromness Road, Oban Road and Stornaway Road were fed up with the continual use of a shared alleyway by fly tippers. The alleyway, which runs between Stromness Road and Oban Road, was constantly being used to dump rubbish, causing a health hazard for the residents and their children with broken glass and other dangerous material .

The residents decided enough was enough and contacted Kursaal Councillor Blaine Robin, who brought in Kursaal People’s Foundation Chair, Louise Burdett, to coordinate the project to resolve the issue.

 Cllr Robin said: “Not only was this situation causing problems for the residents, but it is also a nuisance for the council. The council would send in workers to clear the mess, but within a couple of weeks there would be more rubbish. This was wasting council tax payers money and had to be resolved.” Louise Burdett commented: “My first task was to liaise with the residents in and around the alleyway. It was immediately apparent that the residents had had enough of this problem. Having spoken to a number of residents it was decided the best option was to put up a gate at the entrance of the alleyway. The gate would prevent access by the nuisance fly tippers but would allow access in an emergency.”

 Cllr Robin and Louise Burdett, contacted a local tradesman who undertook the project and the gate was erected in a matter of weeks . Speaking about the new gate, one of the residents key to the project, Mr Denman, commented: “I am very grateful for the effort put in by Miss Burdett. The area was being blighted by these inconsiderate fly tippers and something really needed doing about it. I hope with this new gate in place we can draw a line under the matter.”

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