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Go Green, Vote Blue!

How great to be inspired by residents of Kursaal. In the last edition of the Kursaal In Touch newsletter you will have read about the wonderful work done by Sylvia Hallet and Tom Ptolomey. Since meeting them I have spent time with Roger Garnham of Waterfalls, Prospect Close. A keen photographer and environmentalist Roger studied Zoology at Southend College whilst working in the Home Office Library. In addition he has first hand experience of the effects of temperature from the three years he lived in Africa.

Roger feels strongly that children should be taught the importance of caring for our environment, even before they go to school. Southend’s excellent record of recycling and the issue of the blue boxes and pink bags to every household will help parents to make children more aware of the need to protect our environment for the future.

As a teacher, I am keen to involve children from a very young age in this (as well as those of us a little, or much older!).

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