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Caring for the Local Environment

This weekend I have been out and about in the Kursaal ward, meeting and speaking to local residents.  Time and again one of their chief grumbles was the lack of care some members of their community have for their local environment.

In parts of the Kursaal ward there are alleyways which are continually used by fly tippers. One resident cannot access her very own garden from the alleyway due to rubbish such as old mattresses being dumped by mindless yobs.  Fly tipping carries a fairly hefty financial penalty but the question is; just how many people are caught and given this penalty?  There is no point having this penalty if it is not being enforced.

Another big concern is the inconsiderate dog owners who let their animals foul in the street and just leave it there not only does it not look nice, it is also incredibly unhygienic .  Owners must be made aware of the penalty and more facilities made available to promote responsible ownership of dogs.

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