No to Fly Tipping!

We have many alleyways in Southend, and in the Kursaal ward particularly. Alleyways were supposed to provide ease of access to residents gardens, garages and so forth. However, as a result of inconsiderate people dumping rubbish, or fly tipping, down them and because of over grown weeds and bushes they are causing a problem for our residents. 

Some alleyways are so blocked up with rubbish that people cannot access their own garden, so deceiving the point of the alleyway in the first place. Some alleyways are looking unsightly and can generally make an area look run down.  

One alleyway in particular is full of unwanted furniture, clothes, shoes, even needles.  This alleyway is causing the residents much annoyance and concern. In response to this, on Saturday 20th February, I joined and Cllr Blaine Robin in meeting with neighbouring residents and officers from the council to discuss what could be done to deter fly tipping in this one particularly bad alleyway.

Walking along the alleyway, I could see there were no lights, plenty of places to hide and a lot of rubbish.  The different options for the alleyway were discussed , it is hoped that either two gates will be placed on the alleyway reduce access to fly tippers (see here for a similar option) or cameras in order to help deter and/or catch the culprits.

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  1. dear louise i am writing 2 yet u know that i went over the shop this morning coudnt believe whot i see a men peeing in the tree its a total mess somethink wants doing because they are just using it as a toilet its a joke

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