Letter to the Echo

Southend Should Not Tolerate Bad Behaviour

As a town with a rich history and an abundance of Victorian architecture, Southend has a lot to offer its people and the town continues to attract new residents from around the UK. However, there are inevitably a minority of people who cause disruption for those who enjoy living in the area. This is something which Louise Burdett, Conservative candidate for the Kursaal Ward has discovered out and about on her campaign trail ahead of the local elections.

Meeting a family living in York Road, who chose to move into the area from Hampshire, Louise heard how their quality of life is affected by a neighbour who subjects them to regular verbal abuse. The family work hard and are active members of the community, who also partake in work with voluntary groups. After speaking to the family, Louise commented: “I was shocked to hear about this man’s behaviour and the effect it is having on this family. They believe he may be a drug user, which is why he is often abusive and unpleasant. This family love living here and feel very much at home in Southend but feel this person is making their lives a misery.”

The issue highlights the injustice that hard working families can face when someone who is clearly not contributing a great deal to the community blights their lives with bad behaviour. “It is not clear if this man is employed” says Louise “if not, then I would question why the state is looking after him when he is actually having a negative effect on those responsible citizens that live nearby? Anti-Social behaviour is something which should absolutely not be tolerated.” Through her campaign, Louise will be seeking to tackle anti-social behaviour wherever possible and act as a voice for local people in getting their case heard by the relevant authorities.

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