Residents fight back

Conservative-led initiative sees Kursaal residents signing up to fight back against the crime and disorder that leaves many afraid to leave their homes.

 A ‘street surgery’ organised by Louise Burdett – who is hoping to be elected Conservative Councillor for the Kursaal ward on May 6 – collected hundreds of signatures on a petition calling for a targeted campaign against aggressive, intimidating and destructive activity in the area.

 The 27-year old teacher has a track-record in tackling anti-social behaviour; having once caught a mugger attacking a lady, managed to fight him off and return £200 to the victim. Louise received a bravery award for her actions, and says “I would act like this again in a heartbeat if I had to. As members of a community we need to speak up and act, people should not just accept things or live in fear. This experience is one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about tackling this issue.”

 Louise adds, The majority of residents live peacefully together – but it only takes a handful to cause unrest.  We must think creatively about how we can tackle abusive and destructive behaviour in Kursaal.  Residents should not have to live in fear – we have lovely roads in Kursaal with great community spirit. None of us not want this ruined by a mindless few, we need to work together to find a solution. That’s why I’ve established ‘Supporting the Community through Action’ as a forum for working together for positive change. You can find out more at”

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