New Road Signs

A pleased resident

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by local residents who complained that their nearby road sign was leaning over dangerously after it was struck by a car.

I contacted the Highways Department of Southend Borough Council on behalf of the concerned residents and was delighted that they agreed to install a new road sign. 

Residents rightly take pride in their local community and part of this includes its visual appearance.  The state of the sign was to the detriment of the local environment and the residents are delighted with their new signage.


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2 responses to “New Road Signs

  1. paul +over residents

    we all want to no why you forget to mention how long it took to get the ball rolling the sighn had bin damaged for over 2year`s it didn`t only take a week or so to get sorted. this was 1 of many concerns about our area but the only 1delt with is it because all the over problems to much money to put write and would not involve pictures that make the coucil look good

    • LB

      Hi there,

      Thank you for reading this.

      Unfortunately I would not like to comment on whats happened in the past couple of years as I was only elected in May. As you can see since May and getting involved with this issue, action has been taken.

      If you have any further comments you would like to make or anything I can help you with. Please contact me on


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