Tour of Youth Centres in Southend

On Wednesday 25th August 2010 a group of Southend councillors toured some of the Youth Centres in Southend.

I was really impressed with the new Youth Centre which has recently opened in Shoebury.  The facilities there are amazing and include a gym, a rock climbing wall, music studios, meeting rooms and more.  On that particular Wednesday, there was a ‘special’ young carers day and it was buzzing with the youngsters using the facilities.  These young carers had come from all over Essex to use the centre. 

We also went to the Connexions and Focus Youth Centre in the centre of town.  Again, good facilities including a theatre and sports hall are all part of these centres.  Connexions and Focus Youth Centre is soon moving to the rear of where they are currently based at the moment, the building at the end of the old B&Q car park, to nearer the Royal Mail Sorting Office and I really hope the facilities there are as good, if not better, as those they have at the moment.  Lots of young people in Kursaal use the Connexions and Focus Youth Centres.  The Connexions and Focus Centre in Leigh was again excellent, and was also very busy as they were holding a clearing day to advise A-level students who had just received their results and were trying to finalise their next steps. 

It was a useful day and gave me a real insight into some of the services there are on offer for young people.

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