Contact your local Councillors

If you see any thing that needs to be reported to your council, contact your local Councillors


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2 responses to “Contact your local Councillors

  1. Tony


    around the southchurch are there is lack of parking for workers. I work along southchurch road and there is a huge lack of parking spaces, recently there has been a road which i have parked down before whcih has had yellow lines put in palce, the reason for this is unknown, residents all have thier own driveways up ferndale closeso it is not as if we are taking there spaces. if we do not have parking spaces we are unable to get into work, therefore not having a job, now im sure that is something that has been a huge focus on in recent press unemployment rates. I’m a decent tax paying guy trying to get to work and make a living and its made harder by the council trying to squeeze more money out of us. it is unfair. and something needs to be done about it.

    • LB

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The yellow lines were put down Ferndown Close as a result of complaints from residents. Those parking on the roads made it diffcult for residents to get off their driveways as it restricted the amount of room for turning. Second, on one side of the road there was a grass verge which has pretty much been destroyed by drivers parking partly on the road and verge.

      This isn’t a case of squeezing money out of drivers, more protecting residents on the roads in which they live.

      I do feel sympathy for your position, but the situation was unfair on the residents of Ferndown Close.


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