Your Concerns, Our Actions

Your Concerns, Our Actions


 Situation  Action Taken  Outcome
 1. May 2010 local council election                    Kursaal residents elect school teacher Cllr Louise Burdett           Within 7 days Pleasant Road residents meeting is organised by Cllr Burdett and Cllr Robin bringing solution to parking problem caused by Tourists
2. Mrs. X from Kursaal faced eviction due to unclaimed housing benefits and housing arrears (£4000).             Cllr Robin visited resident until 1130pm &lobbied  issue  to the social landlord residents In August 2010  eviction notice overturned by the courts.
3. Arson incident burns down  flat on Riviera Drive         Cllr Robin offers shelter to affected family until solution is identified.          July 2010 residents are fighting to get back on their feet and say: “Thank you for offering to help”.
4. 20th August 2010 Pleasant Road “litter pick Organised by 15 year old ”Kursaal resident Holly                       Cllr Robin and Cllr Burdett   are contacted by volunteers Catrina and Trisha to highlight the flytipping     Cllr Robin and Cllr Burdett immediately get the problem resolved by liaising with Council official.
5. Residents of NACRO causing a disturbance in Kilworth Avenue Cllr Burdett visited residents, helped organise a petition and contacted the relevant officers in the Council NACRO is removed and the residents re housed.
6. Residents concerned about lack of parking spaces and sheer volume of traffic in Pleasant road Cllr Burdett and Cllr Robin contact by concerned residents.  Officers are contacted and site visit arranged Yellow lines granted and a parking scheme being looked at.
7. Road sign damaged in Ash Walk Cllr Burdett Visited site and lobbied Council officers for a replacement A new Road sign installed
8. Resident X from Kursaal needed guidance on housing banding Cllr Burdett provided advice Resident X now more aware of housing needs
9. Residents in Ferndown Close concerned about state of land adjacent to road and about a lack of parking spaces Cllr Burdett arranged street meeting with officer Building made safe on land and some rubbish removed.  Yellow lines put forward to council
10. Resident X in Kursaal concerned about alley way at rear of home. Cllr Robin and Cllr Burdett visited the resident and arranged for the land to be cleared Land cleared and tree cut down.
11. Resident X in Kursaal concerned about domestic violence Cllr Burdett contacted Resident X given options and advice
12. Resident X concerned about council tax arrears.  Baliffs threatened Cllr Burdett contacted and contacted officers with the Civic Centre Baliffs withdrawn
13. Residents in Kursaal concerned about criminal activity in their local area Cllr Burdett speaks with the police and seeks advice Profile of issue raised with authorities and further action taken
14. Residents concerned about car which keeps parking on grass verge Cllr Burdett contacted and arranges for an enforcement request Car removed
15. Residents fed up with Dog mess Cllr Robin and Cllr Burdett contacted and Dog Fouling petition submitted to the council. Sites to be looked at for extra dog waste bins to be allocated and dog fouling patrols in the area increased
16. Unsafe Sign protruding in Fowler Close Cllr Burdett contacts the council The sign is replaced
17. Resident X needing guidance and advice on a planning application Cllr Burdett arranges for a meeting with the resident and council officer Application re submitted to the council

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