Parking nightmare could be over thanks to Kursaal Ward Candidate

Residents in Swanage Road, Southend will have their troubled

Parking in the street is difficult, with frequent crowding and residents often struggling to get a space to park their vehicles in the road. Mr Austin has been out and about on the streets of Kursaal ward over the past months, and has noticed the parking situation on Swanage Road is a particular issue.  Alongside Kursaal Ward Councillors, Louise Burdett and Blaine Robin, Mr Austin has decided to take firm action to get something done by the Council to make life easier for residents and is collecting signatures on a petition to lobby the Council for controlled parking in the road. Such a system could see tighter controls on non-residents parking in the road through the use of a permit system.

“This is exactly the sort of change the people in this road need”, said Mr Austin. “It is completely within the Council’s ability to change the system and improve parking, which will improve living conditions for the people who live in Swanage Road. It is a straight-forward change which will make a lot of difference.”

Residents are supportive of the actions being taken by Mr Austin, and welcome his support on the issue. On resident commented: “I think it is marvellous what Neil is doing and the passion he shows to improve people’s lives – we hope the Council makes the right choice to take action on this.”

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