Seeking help for residents

At a recent council meeting we were discussing plans for the centre of Southend.  These plans are the Southend Central Area Action Plan which stretches over the next fifteen years.

 I said the following:

 I am utterly enthusiastic and supportive of this report.  My fundamental reason for this is, in the ward I represent of Kursaal, there are many depressed people and so it is wonderful to have a vibrant, energetic town, which is looking to the future.  That is helpful, I believe, for people who are depressed.

My second point is a plea.  Often, cities, towns and urban scenes have poverty existing alongside wealth and it is because I represent the needy and vulnerable in our town that I ask you to ensure that the regeneration of our town takes into account these people and bears them in mind.

 We are not just here to look great, though that is very important.  Our job is to seek help for all our residents and especially those in need.

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