Sport and Education

What a great few weeks it has been for sport in Britain.  I don’t know of many people who have not watched any of the Olympics or been impressed with how well our country has performed in the games.

We are third in the medal table which is fantastic news.  Naturally, the more success our Olympians have achieved, the more people have really caught the Olympic fever.  As many have said, it is now imperative that we capitalise on this interest in sports, particularly in our schools.

As a teacher, I would like to see schools spending more time thinking about Games and Physical Education.  I know that there are many pressures on schools to deliver results for our youngsters, but sport is key for so many reasons.  I would also like to see all schools spending the total amount of time on PE in their timetabling.

I have heard it said that we are doing well at the sports where ‘money is involved’; namely rowing and equestrianism.  A recent article in the ‘Times Education Supplement’ discussed this point further, pointing to the England Rugby team, the world’s best cricket side – England – and recent Olympic success in cycling, equestrianism, rowing and sailing largely having their roots in the Independent sector’.

Competitive sport is healthy (both physically and mentally) and should not be only experienced by only those who have money.  If Head teachers and governors want PE to be key in the curriculum, they will ensure that they have the resources, staff and time for this.

I believe sport plays a crucial role in life.  You do not win everything in this life, an important lesson that can be learned early on. In sports (whichever you choose to follow), it is the individual/team that works hardest that can achieve.  When you suffer disappointment on the football pitch, that can help you deal with disappointment in other areas of life.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have access to PS3s, Xboxes and the like. I had a park up the road and my friends and I played sports. In these times when we hear of the obesity problems our children are suffering, its great to see so many youngsters sit up and take notice of our athletes and the effort and sacrifice they have put in to be at the Olympics.


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3 responses to “Sport and Education

  1. delthomas

    I also think having specialist sports teachers will help in the same way as having specialist music teachers help them progress in music.

  2. What do you think of your Government allowing 22 school fields to be sold off in the two years they have been in power?

    (BTW, congrats on returning to the blogosphere!)

    • LB

      Regardless of the fact that Governments of all colours, have sold off school fields, I am saddened that it happens. I believe this supports my post in that if we made more of sport in schools, and therefore school playing fields, we may not necessarily see these sales. If it is true that Gove has ignored expert advice, legitimate questions should be asked and Gove should be forced to answer, after all transparency is important in Government decisions.

      Thanks for the welcome back! I hope to keep it going, but not always easy being a working Councillor.

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