Neighbourhood Action Panel

An interesting meeting at the Kursaal Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) this evening.

For anyone that doesn’t know what NAP meetings are; they are a forum where residents of the ward in which they live, talk about any issues in their community to local police, Councillors and on occasion officers from the Council.

I firmly believe that such forums are a vital way for residents to connect with those who are charged with keeping their community secure. The meetings are chaired excellently. They give the police the opportunity to provide residents information on what is going on in their ward to counter the problems they are facing.  The police also find the meetings useful themselves, because they can often obtain information that is more widely known by residents, than themselves.

I think if more people knew of the benefits of attending they would feel more inclined to also take part.  Whenever I am about in the ward and speaking with residents I always encourage residents to take part in NAP meetings. Those that have attended often agree that the meetings provide a very important function.

The next NAP is Monday 29 October, 7pm at the Plaza Centre, Southchurch Road.

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