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On the Beat

It was good to see the police out today in the Kursaal ward, however this is a sight seen all too little.  A number of residents I spoke to commented how good it was to have a police presense, but we need more bobbies on the beat. 

If we are to combat anti-social behaviour we need more police on the street. Under this Labour Government, too much of our police men and womens time is spent on admin duties!

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Foreign Thugs Should Be Deported

I read in a newspaper recently that a migrant from Romania named Ali Majiat raped a woman so that he could be imprisoned in order to learn English in jail. At a time when there is severe overcrowding in prisons, with over 80,000 people in jail, why are we not deporting foreign criminals whose only intention is to wreak havoc on our society? Also, why are we unnecessarily paying thousands of pounds to keep this man fed and watered in our prisons? It is estimated that the average annual cost of each prisoner in the UK exceeds £40,000 so we could do without this additional expenditure, particularly given the current economic climate.


This man should have been deported immediately upon conviction to serve this sentence in his own country. What use are our Judges if they are powerless to organise immediate deportation back to the country where they came from?

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Letter to the Echo

In recent weeks there seems to have been an increase in the number of fires being started by youths in and around the Woodgrange Estate. It is sad that these youths have no idea of the cost to their community, both financial and otherwise.

Arson in the community can lead to the general depreciation of an area, cause communities to lose pride and respect in their surroundings and contribute to a loss of business and therefore unemployment. There are parts of towns up and down the country where arson and the physical efforts to try and prevent it (by boarding up empty of derelict buildings) can also be visually detrimental to an area. That’s without even considering the potential for human casualties.

The council have made a good start in having some of the parking under the blocks fenced off, but they must push on and ensure all these parking areas are protected. We are also lucky that we have our rubbish collected on a weekly basis as overflowing bins are often targeted by arsonists.

In the words of The Prodigy, these people are nothing but “twisted firestarters” who, unless we do something about it, will kill someone, either as a direct result of their crime or by preventing fire crews attending ‘real’ emergencies. They are damaging the community in which they live and its about time they suffered the consequences of their crimes.

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More is Less

Police maps in Southend have revealed that ‘Robberies are on the rise’ , with 40 per cent more robberies being committed in the area. Police are now targeting the town centre areas in peak times.  But, what I would like to see is simply more bobbies on the beat!

Ask any resident and I am sure they would agree that there need to be more police patrolling our neighbourhoods.  Instead we rely on cheep policing in the form of Special constables.  Statistics show that Southend is a relatively safe town, but it’s not statistics we’re interested in and neither are the people who have been burgled .

The Government are prepared to spend money on ID cards, which arguably won’t bring any more security to our streets.  I would like to see them put this money into our police force, take away the bureaucracy and make their job easier to do.

With our country in a recession we’re likely to see a rise in crime figures including  burglary and bringing more police officers to our neighbourhoods could go some way to stopping crime.

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