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Should we have a more democratic way of choosing candidates?

 This year in Kursaal ward the Conservatives are going to use a different method of choosing their candidate. Three local candidates have put themselves forward to be selected by local residents in Kursaal.

In fact this is becoming a more popular means of selecting candidates. What is becoming interesting is how few voters are having a direct impact on who their candidates are – how can this be democratic? I feel that it would be better for political parties to use open primaries to choose their candidates and leaders. It would be fantastic if all voters in constituencies and wards were able to vote for who their leader or candidate was. At present we have a situation where too few people have a say over who is going to represent them.

It would be brilliant if we had a more democratic process of selection and then maybe politicians would do a better job of representing people.

Three local candidates are applying to join Cllr. Dr. Blaine Gideon Robin & Cllr. Louise Burdett

Your support would be much appreciated as we are encouraging residents to select the candidates.

” Your vote will help the successful candidate to fight May 2011 local elections”.

For more information telephone or text: 07813 853 096 Cut off date 17.10.10

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