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Under 8’s Football team set up

I recently gave a presentation with my colleague Cllr Blaine Robin about why we wanted to set up an under 8s football team.  This is the presentation I gave.

There is a film out called Africa United, in this film three young people travel from Rwanda unbeknown to their mother.  They travel the length of Africa through many dangers and adventures to get to the 2010 world cup inSouth Africa.  So it is, that in every poverty stricken lives, football is seen to be an inspiration and a vision for great achievements.

I represent on the council a very deprived area of Southend on Sea, Kursaal ward.  We have many areas of deprivation and you will realise that there are many young people in Kursaal in the present situation where there is a great struggle for employment for young people, where there is not much hope.

Where there is poverty, football can provide a vision of how things could be better and that is why I am committed to the aims of CASA Juniors, because I see it as helping the young people, whom I represent to have some aim in their lives.

In the film I mentioned, the two boys make it to Cape Townand the young girl on the way decides not to go the full distance, because they come across a mission school, in which she sees the possibility that she could become a doctor.

I am sure you get the point.  For deprived kids, football is more than just a game; it is an inspiration for big things for achievement of all kinds, self discipline and self fulfilment.

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Keeping the Streets Clean

At election time all candidates like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty – but Louise Burdett is doing that quite literally.

The 27 year old teacher, who is hoping to be elected Conservative Councillor for Kursaal on May 6, today (14 April) led a group of local residents cleaning four alley ways where rubbish had been fly tipped.

The group collected over twenty bags of rubbish from alleyways in Beresford Road,  Manilla Road, Stromness Road and from an alley which runs between Branksome and Boscombe Road. Everything collected to taken to Southend tip.

One resident taking part was Joseph Saunders of Carousel Steps, Woodgrange Estate. He said “It was great to see a candidate for Kursaal not only talking about issues – but actually mucking in doing something about things themselves. Louise has got my vote!”

Louise says It was great to see the community coming together to make their local environment better – we delivered flyers to all surrounding residents in advance of the day and invited them to help however, and had a great turnout. However I would prefer it if this sort of day didn’t need to take place – we need to ensure that these inconsiderate fly tippers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

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Email to Estuary Housing

Dear Sir, Madam

Could someone at Estuary housing please let the residents of the Woodgrange Estate know why nothing is happening with their iced up and snow filled paths and walkways? I’ve heard from many residents complaining that nothing has been done, with some so concerned about the treacherous conditions that they have refused to go outside. The situation simply cannot continue.

That’s why I was delighted to help local residents clear some of the walkways around Skelter, Piroet and Carousel. There was a great atmosphere and the residents were delighted with our work. Thanks to those also who helped with the shovelling and those who provided cups of tea and coffee to keep us going. It was great to see some old fashioned community spirit in action.

 Yours sincerely

 Louise Burdett

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Snow fun for Residents!

The beginning of January saw some of the snowiest and iciest condition in Southend for many years.  With many paths, walkways, pavements iced up.  This meant that for some of the most vulnerable people in Southend, not just the elderly but pregnant women for example, it was a concern to step outside. Some of the paths were so thick with snow and ice that these residents were afraid to go out, meaning shopping wasn’t done and pensions weren’t collected. I was even told of one resident who had not left her flat for over a week due to her fears of slipping over and injuring herself.

Cllr Blaine Robin and I received a number of calls from concerned residents complaining that Estuary Housing Association had done little to help the situation. This was the catalyst that made Blaine and I attempt to bring together some ‘hardy’ volunteers to help clear some of the icy paths and walkways.  Luckily we weren’t short of residents moved to do something about the situation.

Despite the cold and, at times, hard work there was a great community spirit and everyone was determined to help their fellow residents. As we were working we managed to recruit further volunteers who loved what we were doing for the residents of the Estate. We even had a group of kids help out, concerned about their own grandmothers walking in the treacherous conditions.

These people that gave up their time to help one another when they could have easily stayed inside looking after ‘number one’.  It was great to see such community spirit on the Woodgrange Estate and it turned out to be an enjoyable time.

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Fighting Poverty in Kursaal

The Audit Commission has reported that some of the highest levels of poverty in the country exist in our very own Kursaal ward. Christmas can be a particularly tough and stressful time for those classed as impoverished, including the homeless.

Louise Burdett, as Chair of social action group the Kursaal People’s Foundation, recently organised a quiz at the Castle Pub, Eastern Esplanade, which helped raise money for HARP towards providing meals for the homeless over Christmas.

Louise said: The quiz was a great success and proved that people are about those in the community less fortunate than themselves. We raised a significant sum of money which we were delighted to hand over to the marvellous people at HARP.

Cllr Blaine Robin said: Louise’s work in this area is brilliant. During a recession it is easy for people to get caught up and be made homeless through no fault of their own. That’s why it’s great when the community comes together like this to help out. 

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KPF Raising Funds for the Community

The Kursaal Peoples Foundation raised funds last evening for action projects on the Woodgrange Estate.  The successful quiz was held at The Castle Pub, Southend and was well attended by residents and friends of the Kursaal Ward.  It was a fun event enjoyed by all. 
Chair of KPF, Louise Burdett commented: I was delighted by the turnout and it proved that even in these tough economic times people are prepared to give up time and money to support worthy, local causes.  The money raised will help us organise dance and drama classes for under privileged children living in the Kursaal ward.
KPF are looking to hold further such events to fund their projects.  If you are interested in holding an event or getting involved with KPF contact: Chair, Louise Burdett on

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Residents and KPF join forces to tackle Fly Tipping

Residents of Stromness Road, Oban Road and Stornaway Road were fed up with the continual use of a shared alleyway by fly tippers. The alleyway, which runs between Stromness Road and Oban Road, was constantly being used to dump rubbish, causing a health hazard for the residents and their children with broken glass and other dangerous material .

The residents decided enough was enough and contacted Kursaal Councillor Blaine Robin, who brought in Kursaal People’s Foundation Chair, Louise Burdett, to coordinate the project to resolve the issue.

 Cllr Robin said: “Not only was this situation causing problems for the residents, but it is also a nuisance for the council. The council would send in workers to clear the mess, but within a couple of weeks there would be more rubbish. This was wasting council tax payers money and had to be resolved.” Louise Burdett commented: “My first task was to liaise with the residents in and around the alleyway. It was immediately apparent that the residents had had enough of this problem. Having spoken to a number of residents it was decided the best option was to put up a gate at the entrance of the alleyway. The gate would prevent access by the nuisance fly tippers but would allow access in an emergency.”

 Cllr Robin and Louise Burdett, contacted a local tradesman who undertook the project and the gate was erected in a matter of weeks . Speaking about the new gate, one of the residents key to the project, Mr Denman, commented: “I am very grateful for the effort put in by Miss Burdett. The area was being blighted by these inconsiderate fly tippers and something really needed doing about it. I hope with this new gate in place we can draw a line under the matter.”

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