Under 8’s Football team set up

I recently gave a presentation with my colleague Cllr Blaine Robin about why we wanted to set up an under 8s football team.  This is the presentation I gave.

There is a film out called Africa United, in this film three young people travel from Rwanda unbeknown to their mother.  They travel the length of Africa through many dangers and adventures to get to the 2010 world cup inSouth Africa.  So it is, that in every poverty stricken lives, football is seen to be an inspiration and a vision for great achievements.

I represent on the council a very deprived area of Southend on Sea, Kursaal ward.  We have many areas of deprivation and you will realise that there are many young people in Kursaal in the present situation where there is a great struggle for employment for young people, where there is not much hope.

Where there is poverty, football can provide a vision of how things could be better and that is why I am committed to the aims of CASA Juniors, because I see it as helping the young people, whom I represent to have some aim in their lives.

In the film I mentioned, the two boys make it to Cape Townand the young girl on the way decides not to go the full distance, because they come across a mission school, in which she sees the possibility that she could become a doctor.

I am sure you get the point.  For deprived kids, football is more than just a game; it is an inspiration for big things for achievement of all kinds, self discipline and self fulfilment.

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Armed Forces Day

This morning I attended the Armed Forces service on City Beach along with fellow ward councillor Blaine Robin.  It was fantastic to see the space along the promenade, ‘CityBeach’ being used in such a way.  My thoughts were this space has been reclaimed by the residents of Southend. 

 As people strolled past the open air service people stopped to listen, whilst children played in the fountains and the beach got busier from the day trippers, it really was a great atmosphere.

 I believe that the residents need to come first and this area has been regenerated into a vibrant, uplifting area that can now used for so many different things. 

 Councillor Robin and I have spent time at the Civic offices speaking about various safety issues, raising residents questions as we are keen to make sure that this area is used to its full potential.

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Parking Consultation

This week I attended a parking consultation at the ‘Kursaal’.  It was fantastic that so many residents turned up to view the plans.  It is the resident’s opportunity to voice their opinions one way or the other about plans which will be affecting where they live.

 I am really pleased that residents will now hopefully have an easier time at finding some where to park.  Residents have to come first.

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Is the Archbishop right to speak up on political issues?

 The Archbishop of Canterbury has today spoken out against ‘The Big Society’ and criticised David Cameron on pushing through policies and committing the country to “radical, long-term policies for which no one voted”.  The Archbishop claims that the policies have been pushed through so speedily that the general public have not been able to fully understand, people are ‘baffled’ he says.

In particular, Rowan Williams speaks about ‘The Big Society’ as being ‘painfully stale’.  The Archbishop also launches a sustained attack on the government’s welfare reforms, complaining of a “quiet resurgence of the seductive language of “deserving” and “undeserving” poor.”

This political intervention from the Church of England has not been seen for some years and as such, has been with met with mixture of opinions.  ‘He should stick to running the church’ are just some of the comments seen and heard today.  I personally feel a mixture of feelings.  I do not agree with what the Archbishop has said, and  I think that David Cameron has reacted well by saying that he ‘welcomes the debate’.  I also think that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but arguably how can you criticise politicians who are elected to make decisions on such matters.  The coalition government gained 17 million votes.

All being said,  the comments generate debate and that must be a good thing for democracy.


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Parking Consultation

It was useful to view the parking plans for the Pleasant/Hartington Road area and the area around Beresford/Burnaby Road.  The plans involve resident parking permits, which will allow residents to park more easily in their roads. Currently residents have to fight for spaces as they are taken up by people working locally or by tourists.

 These plans come off the back of months of campaigning with offices at the council about the problems residents face.

 Residents will be able to view the plans for themselves on Wednesday 22nd June – 6-8 and Saturday 25th June 10-2 at The Kursaal.  It would be very helpful for residents to comment and get involved in the consultation.

 These schemes are long overdue and hopefully if implemented will make life a lot easier for residents

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City Beach Discussions

Councillors Robin and Burdett met with Council officers to discuss the new City Beach development.  On the agenda was health and safety which Kursaal Ward Conservative Councillors had requested.

Blaine and Louise put forward that a ‘risk assessment’ be carried out on the area as residents have mentioned their fears over safety in some parts of the area.  Possible ideas for the future use of the space was also discussed.   Cllr Burdett said: “This is a great development and has transformed this area.  We just now need to make sure that it fulfills its full potential”.

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A busy day campaigning in Kursaal Ward. Grateful for the support of our local residents which remain strong and supportive of our action for them.

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Assisting Residents with Alleyways

Cllrs Burdett and Robin helped a resident in Kursaal ward with an alleyway at the side of his home.  This particular alleyway was full of rubbish and was an eyesore for residents whose homes backed onto the area.  The huge tree was blocking light for homes.  Now the area is free of rubbish and the tree is no longer there. 

It is great to see residents taking a care for their neighbourhood!

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On the Campaign Trail

The campaign trail is hotting up in Kursaal ward and a good day was enjoyed by all who helped deliver at the weekend.  A huge thanks to all who are helping.

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Parking nightmare could be over thanks to Kursaal Ward Candidate

Residents in Swanage Road, Southend will have their troubled

Parking in the street is difficult, with frequent crowding and residents often struggling to get a space to park their vehicles in the road. Mr Austin has been out and about on the streets of Kursaal ward over the past months, and has noticed the parking situation on Swanage Road is a particular issue.  Alongside Kursaal Ward Councillors, Louise Burdett and Blaine Robin, Mr Austin has decided to take firm action to get something done by the Council to make life easier for residents and is collecting signatures on a petition to lobby the Council for controlled parking in the road. Such a system could see tighter controls on non-residents parking in the road through the use of a permit system.

“This is exactly the sort of change the people in this road need”, said Mr Austin. “It is completely within the Council’s ability to change the system and improve parking, which will improve living conditions for the people who live in Swanage Road. It is a straight-forward change which will make a lot of difference.”

Residents are supportive of the actions being taken by Mr Austin, and welcome his support on the issue. On resident commented: “I think it is marvellous what Neil is doing and the passion he shows to improve people’s lives – we hope the Council makes the right choice to take action on this.”

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