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Out and About in Kursaal Ward

Today I spent the morning in Southchurch Road helping Conservative Councillor for Kursaal, Blaine Robin.  Blaine and I spoke to various businesses and I was surprised at how up beat the majority of the businesses were.  It was interesting that in the current climate in which we are living, the people we spoke to were keeping positive.  A lot of the businesses are family run, and have been in Southchurch Road for years. Many saw out the previous recession and so draw strength from that. 

One concern that was raised time and again though was that the banks, even those where the businesses have been banking with them for decades, are not being particularly helpful. That’s why I and many small businesses welcomed the adoption of the Conservative Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme, although slightly watered down, by the Government. Hopefully, this will begin to filter down to our local employers who can then use this facility to see them through this recession.

I feel that it is important that we help our local businesses and work together as a community by maintaining the link between local businesses and the community. It is also important that businesses know where to go to for help and that our councillors represent them and are a voice for them in these times. Judging by the responses Blaine received, the local entrepreneurs we spoke to were of a similar opinion.

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