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Pitsea Council Seat Canvassing

Today, I joined a group of Conservative activists in hitting the campaign trail to canvass in the Pitsea County seat. The seat is a key target for the June 4th election and there is a very good chance that we could unseat the current incumbent, who happens to be the Labour Group leader on Essex County Council!

We were also joined by South Basildon & East Thurrock PPC, Stephen Metcalfe. A great morning of canvassing was had by all, despite the freezing temperatures, with the responses on the door being very positive indeed. Digesting the reactions in the pub afterwards, there was certainly a good feeling about the forthcoming elections. All felt that the current wave of enthusiasm towards the Conservative party will help us win another round of Labour council seats.

Stephen Metcalfe, who by the way drives a London Taxi painted Conservative blue, was on good form and is certainly up for the fight against the current Labour MP, Angela Smith. Stephen feels that Angela Smith’s close links with the Prime Minister, and therefore association with all that has gone wrong in this country, will only help his campaign. Anyone interested in helping Stephen should join his Facebook group to keep up to date with the latest news and dates for campaign days.

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